About my program:

I am a small, in-home breeder of gorgeous Goldendoodle puppies. I have a very limited number of puppies available each year. I put my heart and soul into taking care of my Dogs and their puppies are raised by hand with lots of love and attention to start off their life.

Doodles come in many sizes, colors and coat textures/curls depending on how they are bred. I strive for a less curly/ more wavy coat that is soft and very low shedding.





About my dogs:

Kula is a four year old purebred Golden Retriever and is a certified Therapy dog. She is smart and sweet and an amazing Mama with a very gentle nature. She comes from Champion lines and was purposefully bred small to help eliminate health issues that many Goldens suffer from. She has been thoroughly health tested for genetic abnormalities and her tests all came back clear. She has also undergone eye, heart
and joint testing and all of those tests were also clear.

Rodney is one of Kula’s pups from 2019 and she is also a certified Therapy dog. She will undergo all of her heath tests when she reaches two years old.


About my puppies:

If you are interested in getting a puppy we start with putting you on the notify list. At the time we have a confirmed pregnancy I will email you and see if you are still interested and in a good position to take on a new puppy. If so the next step is for you to fill out an application.  Once that is received and accepted, then you go on the puppy list and have 3 days to get your deposit in. Once that is received  then you are in line to get a puppy.

 The puppies are born and raised in my home and are surrounded by love. I have a couple of kids that come and spend time with them each week and we start exposing them to various things like sounds and smells  very young so that they start acclimating to life in a new home.

I post photos and videos online almost everyday so that you can watch the puppies grow and change. At the 5-6 week mark you can make an appointment to come meet them and choose your pup based on the order you are on the list.  At 8 weeks you can make an appointment to come and get your puppy to take home after I have them vaccinated.

Other than those two appointments for puppy parents I don’t allow visitors. Since they are so young and not vaccinated I don’t take any chances on someone bringing something over to them that they could catch.

“Joanne goes above and beyond to make sure her dogs, Kula’s puppies, are well taken care of from the start and well socialized. She is very knowledgeable, accessible and provides excellent helpful information from the right dog food to help with sleep training, and everything in between. Even though we live almost 100 miles away, we have had many doggy play dates at dog beaches and dog parks, and look forward to many more! We love Joanne and our puppy Charlie.”


“We feel so fortunate to have found our pup through Joanne. She gives each pup so much love and care. Joanne was extremely helpful in the transition of bringing our new puppy home ?”

Stephanie W

“We just love our Kula doodle Maggie, AKA Bucky. Joanne runs a tight ship, the pups are beautiful, our Maggie has the best personality and she is very healthy. We feel like we’re very lucky to raise one of Kula’s pups.”

Daniel & Leslie Perkins