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Book a Dog Photography Session

Book a Dog Photography Session

Dog Photograper in Honolulu, Hawaii & San Diego, California

Let’s face it, our furry friends are more like family. It’s no surprise that dog photography and pet sessions have become increasingly popular over the last few years. The time we get with our beloved pets just isn’t long enough. Much like children, our pets grow up far too quickly. Booking a professional photography session for your four-legged friend is a wonderful way to remember the bond you share forever.

Types of Dog Photography Sessions

Dogs, like their owners, have their own unique personalities. There are many different types of dog photography sessions you can book in order to capture their special personality. It’s important to me as a dog photographer that we create a session that really shows off who they are or captures a specific season in their life that you don’t want to forget.

Here are 5 Types of Dog Photography Sessions to consider:

Newborn Puppy Session

These are just as adorable as they sound! Just like a newborn baby, newborn puppies don’t stay this tiny forever. If your pup comes to you as a newborn and you want to remember and cherish every sweet little detail of this stage, a newborn puppy session is the right fit for you. If their mom or dad is also a member of the family, it’s so much fun to have their pictures made together!

Newborn puppy photography sessions featuring newborn puppies with their owners, siblings and parents. Photos by Island Style Images, a San Diego dog photographer.

Minimal Portrait Session

If you want a more timeless portrait of your dog to hang on your wall, a minimal indoor dog photography session may be just what you’re looking for. These sessions have the sole focus of making your dog the star of the show. I capture the beautiful details of your furry friend in a classic style that will never fade with time. These images are powerful and really showcase the soul of your dog.

Minimal portraits of dogs taken by Island Style Images, a dog photographer in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Outdoor Dog Photography Session

Does your dog love spending time playing outdoors? An outdoor dog photography session is the perfect fit for your pup! These sessions let your four-legged be in their favorite place which helps them be more comfortable during the session. Outdoor sessions also provide beautiful lighting and natural surroundings that help to create stunning images of your dog.

Outdoor portraits of dogs and puppies taken by Island Style Images, a professional pet photographer located in San Diego, California.

Pups and Props Session

Want to add a little something extra to your dog photography session that makes it feel more unique? A prop session is the perfect solution. These sessions are so fun and really allow you to get creative in order to showcase you and your dog’s personality. I’m always open to hearing your ideas when it comes to a prop session for your dog and encourage you to have fun with it!

Creative dog photography sessions by Island Style Images, a San Diego dog photographer.

Family Dog Photography Session

There’s a reason dogs are called “man’s best friend.” Booking a family style session with your dog is a great way to commemorate your pal with the whole crew! These sessions are so special, and your dog always feels more relaxed when you’re close by. These are the kind of images you’ll cherish forever as you can look back and see how much you and your pup have grown and changed together over the years.

Dog photography featuring dogs and their owners taken by Island Style Images, a Honolulu Pet Photographer.

Booking a Dog Photography Session

No matter what kind of dog photography session you choose, these images are guaranteed to become treasured keepsakes of your best pal. These sessions are a blast to do and allow you to show your pup just how special they are. Every pet session I get to shoot is so much fun because no two are ever the same. It’s important to create a session that feels like you and your dog, no matter what that may look like. If you need help coming up with creative dog photography session ideas, I’m here to help! I can’t wait to meet you and your best furry friend.

Want to book a dog photography session with me? Contact me here to get started!

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Styling Your Wardrobe for Your Session

Styling Your Wardrobe for Your Session

Styling Your Wardrobe for Your Session

Styling your wardrobe for your session may seem like a daunting task. However, wardrobe has one of the biggest impacts on the way your images turn out! If choosing what to wear for your session feels overwhelming, we’ve got you covered here at Island Style Images. Whitney, my stylist, and I help our photography clients with ideas on what to wear as well and offer links for purchasing pieces for your photography session.

How does styling affect your photography session?

There is a reason we often struggle with choosing what to wear. It’s because we know that what we wear has the ability to affect the way we look. Choosing the right colors, patterns, fabrics and fits can make you feel confidently beautiful for your session. Nothing makes a photography session shine quite like confidence!

When you are wearing a piece that flatters you, works well with the session location and your photographer’s editing style and coordinates beautifully with everyone else in your photoshoot, your images get an automatic upgrade! On the other hand, choosing outfit colors that don’t match the location or your photographer’s editing style can make your images feel off. Patterns that are too distracting may take away from the images as well.

Styling your wardrobe for your session in the right way has a major impact on the final results. It can be easy to choose an outfit for yourself for your session. But styling your family’s wardrobe and coordinating your outfits can be a lot trickier.

Coordinating Your Family’s Wardrobe

One of the biggest struggles clients experience when selecting a wardrobe for their session, is how to coordinate everyone’s outfits so they feel cohesive and put together for your session. Our biggest advice is to coordinate your wardrobe, don’t “match” or put everyone in the exact same outfit! But how?

Whitney, my stylist, and I will use these three basic principles to create a mood board to help you style your wardrobe for your session:

Choose a Color Palette

Whether your family likes neutral tones or bold colors, choosing a color palette is the perfect start to styling your wardrobe for your session. A color palette with at least 3 to 5 different colors works best. You can search for color palettes that you like on Pinterest or Whitney and I are happy to suggest color palettes we think will work wonderfully for your session.

Avoid Distracting Patterns or Designs

Patterns that are too busy can sometimes make photos appear pixelated or overwhelming. On the other hand, finding the right pattern that isn’t too small or too big can help add a fun visual element to your images. You also want to avoid certain designs on children’s outfits, like character shirts, to help your photos feel professional.

Select Appropriate Fabric for the Season and Session Location

Fabric also plays a huge role in the outcome of your session. Certain fabrics like lace, fur or leather can add texture to your images, making them more visually appealing. The right fabric can also coordinate well with your session’s location. For example, if you are doing a session at the beach, we would suggest light and airy fabrics that are comfortable and tie in well with the setting.

Styling Your Wardrobe for Your Session

Styling your wardrobe is a big part in planning for your session. I want you to enjoy your session with me and feel completely confident and relaxed in front of the camera. That’s why Whitney and I prioritize helping you select the perfect wardrobe for your session. You and your family will look and feel your best and your pictures will turn out as beautiful as possible!

Below is an example of a mood board we created and the final wardrobe for Whitney’s family session in Saguaro National Park in Arizona to help give you an idea of how we plan a wardrobe to style a session. This session was so fun and loving! The style helped elevate their session to create images that will be treasured for years to come.

Mom in a cardigan and long blue dress swings her daughter in a floral jumper around at Saguaro National Park for their family photoshoot by Island Style Images.
Close up of little boy in gray sweater and mom holding her son's face for their Saguaro National Park family session by Island Style Images.
Father in neutral button up poses with sons in gray and maroon sweaters for their family photoshoot in Saguaro National Park by Island Style Images.
Family of five in coordinating outfits in Saguaro National Park for their family photos by Island Style Images.
Dad in neutral button up hugs daughter in camel colored sweater for their family pictures in Saguaro National Park by Island Style Images.
Mom in long flowing blue dress hold and snuggles her children for their family session in Saguaro National Park by Island Style Images.

Want to book your session with me? Contact me here to get started.

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